ERP Utilities


UEV (Utility & Energy Vertical) is the main solution thought to solve all the themes connected to the management of companies operating in the Utility field.

Throughout the years, Ardan's consultants have carried out several projects for companies operating within the Utility management world (electric energy, gas distribution, telephony, waterworks).

These experiences, combined with a constant dialogue with high-quality consultants taking part in  complex projects at our customers, have made possible the creation of this new vertical for such companies.

To highlight at best the value of its cultural heritage, once again Ardan has chosen Microsoft products; our solutions have been gathered in one UEV vertical hosted inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP and CRM again from Microsoft Dynamics world.


For the companies operating in the Utility world it is essential to merge the administration processes with tools complying with their typical needs: allocations and investment control, credit care and management with the exact definition of the payment plans, payment reminder management, billing activity, use of the job orders for the execution and the maintenance of the installations.

The whole process has been conceived in the Utility world context in full compliance with the Italian legislation regulating the legal and fiscal aspects.

In particular, the following functional sectors have been specifically developed and adapted to this context:

  • GLE (General Ledger Extension) 

    • Balance Sheet and Income Statement description:

      • On a monthly basis

      • Progressively (three-monthly and on the date)

      • Progressively compared with the Management Control

      • Comparison of the accounts on more accounting periods

      • Comparison of the different Budget versions, highlighting the variances

      • Cash Flow: takings, payments, budget discrepancies. The Cash Flow is displayable by account, cost center and job order.

      • Possibility of handling the accounting records in safe mode/suspense account with following confirmation for final booking.

      • Handling of invoices with VAT with deferred chargeability and relevant due dates.

  • Financing & Allocations  

    • In case of public and private investment or financing, the system handles and controls the allocation of the advances by the financing body.

  • Active Cycle

    • Obligatory imputation of the accruals when booking generic active invoices

    • Automatic monthly distribution of the competence when booking quarterly invoices

    • Integration to "conturation" handling: acquisition of the consumption data per Customer and single delivery point

    • Handling of Invoice shipping to Customers via Postel

    • Litigation management: evidence of the supplied quantities, of the received payments and of the payments due. Indication of the ongoing proceedings

  • Payments & Payment plan

    • The payment plan guarantees the credit instalment per due date, considering the cancellation of the previous overdue and the renewal of another overdue with payment extension in "n" instalments. This extension in more instalments is applied in consideration of the interests as well as of the share capital revaluation upon the relevant issuing and invoicing.

  • Reminders  

    • Handling and creation of Reminder Forms

    • Alert Management

    • Traceability of the Reminder status

  • Passive Cycle

    • Purchase approval workflow

    • Supplier Invoice EDI mode acquisition

    • Reference Period management for purchases like rentals, leasing, etc.

    • Handling of "Invoices to be received", i.e. referred to services and materials purchased but not yet invoiced.

  • Tender Management  

    • Call for tender

    • Assignment of the Contract (PO insert)

    • Economic report following the tender

  • Job order handling

    • Budget per Job Order

    • Purchase expense control vs. budget

    • Job order status control in relation to the relevant documents (i.e. requested, ordered, invoices, etc.)

    • Version handling