PrintVis Management Control

To adapt the software to your needs

  • It is possible to add specific fields, tables and menus for several users in a few minutes.

  • it is possible to configure the company management models ("Business Rules Management System") like price reductions for the single customer and supplier, credit line policies etc.

  • It is possible to handle both the fiscal subjects (IVA) and the ones connected with international currencies.

More information, less time

  • Analysis of the information related to profit & loss accounts. The necessary details can be easily and quickly extrapolated filtering the significant data.

  • User friendliness: it is a homogeneous and intuitive system with and easy to learn graphic interface.

  • General Accounting data analysis by means of pre-set or customized reports to support strategic and operating decisions.

Discovering new opportunities
It is possible to carry out analysis applying various criteria: margin, cost center, business unit, region, product line as well as other reporting measures. The results of the reports are displayed via Web or circulated by e-mail in order to update everybody (managers, employees, partner, investors) on the company activities.