PrintVis Estimates and Offers

Fast and simple to save time
The flexible setup allows to create a system facilitating the issuing of an estimate using only the necessary data or, even simpler, using models. Estimated and offers are thus carried out with a single mouse click.

Models for automatic estimates
To create an offer, it is possible to use a standard model containing all the necessary costs to produce an estimate. The result will be a rapid and complete automatic offer complying with the previous quotations. Nothing will be forgotten.

Reduction of errors, delays and connected costs
Errors and delays can be worth lots of money. PrintVis will help you reducing them suggesting proper questions and guiding the user through all the offer production procedure steps.

Competitiveness and sales volume increase
PrintVis Estimate Module offers all the key elements. When data are entered, PrintVis provides a detailed job offer account. At the time of defining the offer price, it is possible to display all the information related to Direct Costs, Total Costs, Indirect Costs, Margin and Sales Price of the Job Offer, allowing to customize the offer to the customer.